1. Enable Automatic Software Updates

One of the most important things to keep your relay secure is to install security updates timely and ideally automatically so you can not forget about it. Follow the instructions to enable automatic software updates for your operating system.

2. Install tor

To install the tor package on Void Linux, please run:

# xbps-install -S tor

3. Configure /etc/tor/torrc

Put the configuration file /etc/tor/torrc in place

Nickname      myNiceRelay  # Change "myNiceRelay" to something you like
ContactInfo   your@e-mail  # Write your e-mail and be aware it will be published
ORPort        443          # You might use a different port, should you want to
ExitRelay     0
SocksPort     0
Log notice    syslog
DataDirectory /var/lib/tor
User          tor

4. Enable and Start tor

Different from most recent distributions, Void Linux does not uses systemd; it uses runit instead.

To enable tor's service on a booted system:

# ln -s /etc/sv/tor /var/service/.

Once you enabled the service, it will automatically start. If you already started the tor daemon before and made changes do its configurations, you can restart it with:

# sv restart tor

5. Final Notes

If you are having trouble setting up your bridge, have a look at our help section. If your bridge is now running, check out the post-install notes.