The Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) is a free software project which aims to empower decentralized efforts in increasing transparency of internet censorship around the world.

We develop free and open source software, called OONI Probe, that users can run to measure:

  • Blocking of websites;
  • Blocking of instant messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram);
  • Blocking of censorship circumvention tools (such as Tor);
  • Presence of systems (middleboxes) in your network that might be responsible for censorship and/or surveillance;
  • Speed and performance of your network.

By running OONI Probe, users can collect data that can potentially serve as evidence of internet censorship since it shows how, when, where, and by whom it is implemented.


This project aims to:

  1. add support for automated testing of the desktop app to emulate the user stories end-to-end
  2. add support for unit testing react components and javascript code running in electron's main process.

It may be necessary to refactor parts of the codebase and upgrade dependencies to improve testability. The student is encouraged to research existing testing tools and propose solutions that can help complete the project.

Prerequisites: None