You may find some of these projects to be good ideas for Google Summer of Code. We have labelled each idea with which of our core developers would be good mentors. If one or more of these ideas looks promising to you, please contact us to discuss your plans rather than sending blind applications.

Tor Weather
Languages: python java
Mentors: GeKo karsten

This project would implement a notification system for relay operators to alert them when the state of their relay has changed. This is the most efficient way to achieve and maintain a healthy Tor network on the long run.

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Improve Tor Relay IPv6 Support
Languages: C
Mentors: teor ahf nickm

Tor helps people stay safe on the internet, by keeping their internet use secure and anonymous. More Tor clients are running on IPv6-only or dual-stack networks. But only 20% of Tor’s available relay bandwidth supports IPv6. We want to automate relay IPv6 address discovery and reachability checks, so that it is easier for relay operators to run IPv6 relays.

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Languages: C Python Golang Rust
Mentors: asn dgoulet

The scope of this project is to write an application that generates cryptographic keys for Tor relays, dirauths and onion services.

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Snowflake proxy on Android
Languages: Android
Mentors: cohosh

This project entails implementing a Snowflake proxy app that will run on Android and relay a user's Tor traffic to the Tor network in the background.

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Implementing Salmon as a bridge distribution mechanism
Languages: Python
Mentors: cohosh ahf

This project entails implementing Salmon, a bridge distribution mechanism that partitions and distributes bridges using reputation to give well-behaved users access to "better" bridges and add a penalty when their bridges get censored.

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Privacy Friendly Web
Languages: javascript CSS HTML Python
Mentors: hiro

The scope of this project is creating a open-source community-driven browsable list of patterns and release a css/js framework that web developers can extend and use in their work.

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Privacy aware geo lookup
Languages: Golang Java Android
Mentors: Simone Basso Arturo Filastò

The idea for this project is to research a way to do a GPS based location lookup which resolves the location of the user to a granularity which is useful for qualifying measurements, but that doesn’t compromise users safety and privacy.

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OONI Probe network experiments
Languages: Golang
Mentors: Simone Basso Arturo Filastò

OONI Probe is a free software project that aims to uncover internet censorship around the world. As part of this project you would be working on researching and developing new OONI Probe network experiments.

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OONI Probe Desktop support for OONI Run and custom URLs
Languages: React
Mentors: Sarath Arturo Filastò

OONI Probe Desktop is the next generation electron desktop client for running OONI tests on windows, macOS and Linux. This project is about adding capabilities related to custom URL testing.

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OONI Explorer: Improvements to testing
Languages: React
Mentors: Sarath Arturo Filastò

OONI Explorer is an open data resource on internet censorship around the world. This project is about making improvements to the end to end tests of OONI Explorer.

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OONI Explorer findings: Improvements related to social media sharing
Languages: React
Mentors: Sarath Federico Ceratto Arturo Filastò

OONI Explorer is an open data resource on internet censorship around the world. OONI Probe is the software used to collect network measurements which are then shown on OONI Explorer. This project is about making improvements to how findings from OONI Probe tests are displayed on OONI Explorer when shared on social media.

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Onion Tool Box
Languages: Python Docker PythonQt5
Mentors: hiro asn

Myonion is a developer tool box, providing a command line interface and a GUI to configure and deploy existing services via .onion. The idea behind myonion is to make onion services accessible to developers that might be interested to innovate in the privacy space, building applications that are designed for privacy and security.

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Implement new distribution methods for GetTor
Languages: python ansible
Mentors: cohosh hiro

This project should implement a feature to distribute Tor Browser downloads through Telegram or Facebook messenger.

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Cloudflare CAPTCHA Monitoring
Languages: python javascript
Mentors: GeKo arma

This project should implement a mechanism to track the rate that Cloudflare fronted webpages return CAPTCHAs to Tor users over time.

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None of these ideas seem appealing? You may also want to propose your own project idea — which often results in the best projects. We invite you to contact us to discuss your own project idea.