OONI Probe Desktop is the next generation electron desktop client for running OONI tests on windows, macOS and Linux. This project is about adding capabilities related to custom URL testing.


Currently the OONI Probe Desktop app does not support specifying a custom URL for testing.

As part of this project, the student will add UI support for specifying a custom URL inside of the OONI Probe desktop app. See:

The student will also look into adding support for the handling of OONI Run links on desktop as well. This will involve creating a deep link handler on desktop to trigger OONI Run links in OONI Probe desktop too. See:

The OONI Probe Desktop app is an electron based desktop app, and the source code is available here:

Issues for OONI Probe Desktop are tracked here:

Under the hood, the OONI Probe desktop app is controlling a golang-based command line interface, called probe-cli: