OONI Explorer is an open data resource on internet censorship around the world. OONI Probe is the software used to collect network measurements which are then shown on OONI Explorer. This project is about making improvements to how findings from OONI Probe tests are displayed on OONI Explorer when shared on social media.


Currently, when an OONI Probe user wants to share their network measurement findings from their mobile app, the only option they have is to take screenshots and to share them on social media.

As part of this activity, the student is asked to improve how OONI measurements are displayed when they are shared on social media.

This includes:

Moreover, the student is encouraged to explore other ways through which OONI Probe users may be interested in sharing findings (such as a measurement result set) and how these can be presented in OONI Explorer and embedded in social media.

Other relevant github issues include:

Add support for native sharing capability in OONI Probe

Easier exploration of reports by a specific probe